Powering The Future With Technology Today

GeoSynFuels has developed a proprietary platform for the production of cellulosic ethanol and other biobased products. The 5CSTM Process was developed after an extensive review of the cellulosic biofuel landscape. The Process overcomes or avoids many of the traditional external commercialization barriers including feedstock aggregation, fuel certification, green-field development and equipment related technology risks.

Our approach to process development is unique with a focus not only on the required technology but also on the end users. To be viable cellulosic technologies need to integrate easily into existing biomass value chains and be complementary to existing uses. Technology adoption is achieved through both compelling economics and minimization of impacts from the technology on existing operations.

GSF's 5CSTM Process is a bolt-on platform that integrates easily into existing biomass facilities such as sugar cane and pulp mills, The value of the existing feedstocks is maximized through the conversion of the hemicellulose portion of the biomass to ethanol and leaving a valuable residue suitable for the host's original use, be it co-generation or paper production.

Through creative research, development, and engineering, GeoSynFuels has established a process that has low operating costs (less than $1 per gallon) and minimal capital requirements (less than $4 per annual gallon of capacity). The process is protected by a suite of patents filed both at the national and international levels.

Cellulosic Ethanol — A ready made market from existing biomass facilities

The collection and aggregation of cellulosic biomass is a major commercial challenge, both technologically and economically. GeoSynFuels made a conscious decision to pursue opportunities where the biomass has already been aggregated for other purposes such as at sugar cane and paper mills.  The challenge is one of maximizing the biomass value while not disrupting the original intended use - boiler feed or paper making. The 5CSTM Process does just that.

The annual global ethanol potential from existing sugar cane residues (bagasse) is in excess of 10 billion gallons, 4.5 billion in Brazil alone.  Pulp and paper and biomass to energy facilities provide a further market potential of ~30 billion gallons. This market exists today and is ready to be developed.