Top Stories - 2017

  • Biomass-to-Energy Development
    Late in 2016 GeoSynFuels signed an MOU with a Brazilian strategic partner outlining a commitment to develop the 5CS Technology for conventional sugar mills where additional purpose-grown biomass will augment the biomass-to-power portion of the plant. The 5CS Technology enables other grass-type biomass (non-bagasse) to be combusted efficiently with minimal boiler fouling due to the removal of corrosive and slag forming inhibitors. In 2017 GSF and our industrial partner plan to test the process at the demonstration level and begin development of projects in Brazil.

Top Stories - 2016

  • Red Liquor 
    During 2016 GeoSynFuels furthered the application of the 5CS Technology for treating effleunt from a traditional sulfite pulp mill (red liquor).  Pilot testing indicates that the 5CS Fermentation Technology can efficiently and economically convert the free sugars in the red liquor effluent to ethanol with minimal pretreatment. GSF is progressing the application to demonstration level testing with an industrial parnter in the Pacific Northwest.

Top Stories - 2015

  • Red Liquor Breakthrough
    During 2015 GeoSynFuels has been working extensively to apply its 5CS Technology to new and varied industrial hydrolysates.  In June of this year GSF developed a proprietary method of fermenting effluent from a traditional red liquor pulp mill.  This material is very challenging given the highlevel of fermentation inhibitors but GSF has managed to get very high ethanol yields (>80%) on both 5C and 6C sugars. The key is proper hydrolysate conditioning in conjunction with our fermentation platform.
  • GeoSynFuels Signs Letter Of Intent
    Company Update
    In early 2015 GeoSynFuels signed a letter of intent with a major biomass-to-power producer in Brazil.  The objective of the relationship is to develop new technologies combining the 5CS technology and conventional biomass-to-energy facilities.

Top Stories - 2014

  • GeoSynFuels Acquires Demonstration Plant
    Company Update
    On March 10, 2014 GeoSynFuels acquired the demonstration plant assets of Western Biomass Energy, LLC.   GSF was able to reach an agreement with the senior secured creditor to buy the asset out of foreclosure after 9 months of wrangling with courts, creditors and auctioneers.  This acquisition moves GSF forward significantly on our commercialization path. Click here for the press release.

 Top Stories - 2013

  • GeoSynFuels Wins Blue Sugars Plant Auction
    Company Update
    In June 2013 GeoSynFuels particpated in an auction for the assets of the Western Biomass Energy, LLC demonstration plant in Upton Wyoming.  GSF won the auction but it was subsequently over turned in bankruptcy court.  GSF is appealing the decisison.


Top Stories - 2012

  • GeoSynFuels Elects Charles D. Ellis and Richard S. Braddock To The Board Of Directors
    Board Update
    In Sept 2012 the Shareholders of GeoSynFuels elected Chaley Ellis and Rick Braddock to the position of Director. Charley and Rick brings a wide array of skills and experiences to the expanded Board. We welcome them in their new roles.

Top Stories - 2011

  • GeoSynFuels Signs Strategic Letter of Intent
    GeoSynFuels and Sermatec have signed an LOI relating to the development of a strategic alliance.  Sermatec is one of the largest EPC firms in Brazil specializing in the design, engineering and construction of sugar and ethanol facilities. Currently the companies are working on the final terms of the agreement.
  • GeoSynFuels Forms Brazilian Subsidiary
    To enable the development of the Brazilian market for our technology GSF has embarked on the formation of a Brazilian subsidiary, The subsidiary, "GSF do Brasil", will be the vehicle that will develop and license the technology in Brazil.
  • GeoSynFuels Invited To Present At CERAWeek 2011 - Energy Innovation Pioneers Session
    In March CEO Todd Harvey presented at CERAWeek.  The CERAWEEK Energy Innovation Pioneers program showcases companies whose technologies and business plans, whether disruptive or enabling, exemplify the following criteria: Invention and Creativity · Feasibility and Timeliness · Scalability · Strong Management Team.  

    Links: CERAWeek
    New York Times

  • GeoSynFuels Completes Next Phase Of Technology Scale-Up 
    Development Update
    GSF has successfully completed a 10 tpd pilot plant at our Golden CO facility.  The pilot plant treated bagasse from Louisiana to produce cellulosic ethanol.  This is the second stage of the scale-up process for the GSF technology. Demonstration plant design and engineering is underway on an integrated plant capable of treating 50 tpd of biomass.

Top Stories - 2010

  • GeoSynFuels Appoints Steven J. Shapiro To Chairman
    Board Update
    In Sept 2010 the Board of GeoSynFuels appointed Steve Shapiro to the position of Chairman.  Steve replaces Eli Jacobs, Eli is remains a Director and will continue to advise the company, as he has done since its inception.  We welcome Steve in his new role.
  • GeoSynFuels Elects Christopher M.T. Thompson To Board
    Board Update
    In Sept 2010 the Shareholders of GeoSynFuels elected Chris Thompson to the position of Director.  Chris brings a wide array of skills and experiences to the expanded Board.  We welcome him in his new role.
  • GeoSynFuels Commences Pilot Plant Operations
    Development Update
    GSF has successfully commissioned a 1 tpd pilot plant at the Golden CO facility.  The pilot plant is capable of converting wood and agricultural residues into ethanol.  This is the first stage of the scale up process for the 5CS technology.