Modern Sugar Milling - GSF Advances

The Schmidt Sugar Mill (Brazil circa 1886).  The basic mill flowsheet is still the same as it was here - the cane is crushed to extract the sucrose, and the bagasse is burned for steam.  Little has changed in the sugar industry over several hundred years.  GSF is bringing modern biorefinery technology to this industry.

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The Virtual Mill

UNICA (Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association ) has developed a virtual sugar mill, allowing the detailed examination of the workings of a modern sugar mill. Click here to view the UNICA Virtual mill.

UNICA is the largest organization in Brazil representing sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity producers. It was created in 1997, following a consolidation process involving regional organizations in the State of São Paulo after government deregulation of the sugar and ethanol sectors. UNICA members answer for more than 50% of all ethanol produced in Brazil and 60% of overall sugar production.