GeoSynFuels Services

GeoSynFuels is now offering an array of services for the biofuel and brewing/distillation industry.  GeoSynFuels has a state of the art facility staffed with exceptional personnel.  A highlight of our analytical/laboratory equipment is shown below:

  • HPLC (x3)
  • GC (x2)
  • YSI (x2)
  • ICP
  • UV/Vis
  • Extensive fermentation and incubation systems at a wide range of scales (100 mL to 500 liter)
GeoSynFuels offers analytical services (both production and QA/QC) specifically for sugars (5 and 6C), impurities (HMF, acetic acid, phenols, ...) and products (ethanol, butanol, organic chemicals...). Additionally we also offer biomass analysis and microbe identification.  
In addition to these services GeoSynFuels has the capability to perform custom microbe adaptation to improve productivity and yeilds for your systems.  GeoSynFuels will work with our clients to help identify methods to improve fermentation response through microbe adaptation, nutrient optimization and other fermentaion variable analysis.
For more information on these services please contact Ben Juba at 303-215-0740 or at