The 5SC™ Advantage

Technology Differentiators

Biochemical and Biofuel Pathways


The 5CS™ Process is fundamentally different than any other cellulosic biomass technology and by design it avoids many of the commercialization barriers of stand-alone cellulosic technologies: 

  • The 5CS™ Process utilizes existing non-food based, centrally collected renewable feedstocks.
  • The technology has a vast, global and well established host-site platform on which to deploy.
  • Ethanol is a government certified transportation fuel with well established markets.
  • The technology employs off-the-shelf equipment, coupled with low energy and reagent usage.
  • The economics facilitate the deployment over a wide range of scales, small to large.
  • It bolts-on to existing industrial plants where permits, utilities, and overheads can be leveraged providing significant cost and time savings.
  • The development path allows for risk mitigation without high capital requirements.
  • Our commercial profitability is independent of government legislation or subsidies.

The 5CS™ platform has significant potential to leverage additional microbes for bio-material production including other fungible fuel molecules and biochemical raw materials.