5CS™ Technology

GeoSynFuels, LLC (“GSF”) has developed a proprietary economic method for the production of biofuels and biochemicals (including cellulosic ethanol and acetic acid).  This technology “bolts-on” to existing sugar cane processing facilities (or other biomass facilities) and enables the production of significant incremental ethanol at low cost.

Relative to peer technologies, 5CS™ has low operating costs (less than $1 per gallon), low capital costs (less than $3 per gallon of annual capacity) and a much shorter path to commercialization.

The 5CS™ Process provides a plug-and-play ethanol package to existing biomass aggregators such as sugar cane processors and pulp mills. The process has the potential to provide new co-product ethanol revenues to both industries.  Additionally, the 5CS™ Process has the potential to be applied to the frontend of biomass-to-energy facilities including applications such as cogeneration and pellet plants.  

The 5CS™ Process is unique in that it extracts only the hemicellulose from the sugar cane residue (bagasse) or wood for conversion into ethanol while leaving the feedstock relatively unaltered and suitable for its original usage, combustion or paper making.  The foundation of the technology is the ability to economically extract and convert the hemicellulose-based sugars.

GeoSynFuels’ 10 tpd pilot plant results have shown the viability of the process.  Demonstrating the technology and economics at scale is the current focus.  GSF has purchased the KL Energy plant in Wyoming and expects to complete the retrofit of the demonstration facility in 2017.  GeoSynFuels is currently negotiating commercial opportunities in Brazil and has formed a Brazilian subsidiary.