5CS™ Fermentation Platform

At the core of GSF’s 5CS™ fermentation technology is GSF’s TenX Bioresin™ ferment media, a proprietary system that concentrates and immobilizes the microbes. TenX Bioresin™ has significant advantages over conventional submerged fermentations

  • Increased microbe to solution density, reduced “wash out” and reduced equipment size and costs
  • Improved impurity tolerance improves fermentation performance
  • Infection risk is lowered, improving yields and up-time

The 5CS™ fermentation technology has the following business implications for the Company

  • GSF can utilize off-site production for the ferment bioresin
    • Control of intellectual property; controlling the production of the ferment bioresin reduces the risk of infringement
    • Reduces plant capital expenditures
    • Higher quality control
    • Plant upsets can be dealt with quickly
    • New microbe strains can be easily incorporated